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23 de Dezembro de 2013

A woman uk canada goose outlet walking her dog said that she


A combined force of Federal, state and local agents swooped down on Loantaka Pond today, startling early morning joggers and dog walkers and scaring the honk canada goose store and quack out of the geese and ducks.

The raid netted 135 Canada geese in the first of many such operations to be conducted this week in New York’s suburbs, plagued by what one official called ”a goose menace.”

Officials here said that mega gaggles of geese had taken over parks, beaches and golf courses, brazenly intruding on picnickers, sunbathers and putters. They said that canada goose clearance the geese cheap Canada Goose had not only got in the way, but that they also were turning these canada goose coats areas into slippery messes.

”They’re aggressive,” said Jon Rosenberg of the cheap canada goose uk Morris County Park Commission. canada goose coats on sale ”They move in and take over. We fire blanks over their heads, but they don’t even move anymore for that.”

The overpopulation, officials said, stems from tens of thousands of Canada geese that are no longer migrating from Hudson Bay and other areas of Canada canada goose to Florida, the Caribbean and Central America, choosing instead to make the New York metropolitan area their yearround home.

Al Godin, who is coordinating this week’s collection of more than 1,000 ”nuisance Canada geese” in New Jersey and on Long Island for the United Canada Goose sale States Fish and Wildlife Service while other agents are collecting them in Westchester County and Connecticut, said that, as Canada Goose Outlet far Canada Goose Jackets as he knew, this had nothing to do with the rising cost of wintering in Florida or the Caribbean or with armed conflict in Central America. It seems to be a matter of the modern day goose believing that, while migrating for thousands of miles may be a fine tradition, why beat your fool wings off if you don’t have to?

First of all, each goose comes equipped for winter with a 100 percent natural down coat. canada goose ”And people feed the geese here all year,” Mr. Canada Goose Parka Godin explained. ”The birds have good grazing and water on the golf courses, usually a reservoir or two somewhere that doesn’t freeze over, and they seem to know that there are laws against hunting them in the metropolitan area. They are very, very smart.”

John Frampton, an agent for the South Carolina Wildlife and Marine Resources Department who is here with two trucks to transport about 600 of the unwelcome geese back to his state, said many hunters insisted that geese were reading the statutes.

”They seem to know where canada goose uk outlet they are safe,” Mr. Frampton said. Agents from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources are also here to take back about 600 Canada Goose Online geese. Relocation Apparently Accepted

Some geese have been wintering here buy canada goose jacket cheap for generations, and many thousands just do not migrate at all, although they may go up and fly in formation for old times’ sake, maybe over to another protected area close by. They are ideal, then, for creating new colonies in states that want them. Mr. Frampton said that of the 553 geese relocated to South Carolina last year, about 85 percent had stayed right where agents put them and that none had been lost in transit.

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Using trucks, a boat and agents on foot, the collection party at Loantaka Pond adroitly herded the birds, still looking drowsy at this hour buy canada goose jacket of a Monday morning, into a pen. Feathers flew and puffs of down filled the air as the birds were canada goose uk shop lifted by furiously flapping wings into the truck.

They seemed shocked and were strangely quiet. Geese can be collected at this time of year because their primary feathers are molting and most cannot fly. A few mallard ducks herded into the pen recalled that there was no reason they could not fly and went over the top of the pen. One Canada goose, still with all its feathers, just went along silently with the canada goose uk black friday crowd on the truck.

”I wouldn’t squawk if the Government was taking me to Georgia and giving me a home either,” commented Frank DeGennaro, who was out for a canada goose clearance sale stroll by the pond. Some Will Be Hunted

Maybe, but many of the geese will be relocated to areas where hunting is permitted, and some are uk canada goose wanted specifically for hunting. ”Farmers ask for them so that they can charge up to $100 a day to hunt on their properties,” said Vic Van Sant, a Georgia agent. A woman uk canada goose outlet walking her dog said that she had mixed feelings about the geese leaving. ”They’re beautiful out on the water, but they make an awful mess on the shore,” she said. ”My husband just about wrapped a golf club around one of their necks this year. Babbit, a park district policeman, ”We had no incidents, but the goose can be mean in nesting season.” Fed by Suburbanites

Others told stories of geese on neighbors’ lawns and around swimming pools. There have been campaigns in the suburbs to stop feeding the birds in winter so they will migrate again, and there have Canada Goose Coats On Sale been campaigns to have open season on them.

At the Bergen County Duck Pond, where the collection crew plans to call Tuesday, nearby shops sell bags of ”duck food,” but people complain that the geese push the ducks out of the way and eat all of it.

Paula Angelino said: ”When canada goose factory sale the kids come over here with their ice cream cones from the shop across the street, it’s like Alfred Hitchcock. Fifty geese attack them.”

By the time the truck drove away from Loantaka Pond, the mallards had stopped protesting the treatment of their captured companions and began swimming what almost looked like figure eights in canadian goose jacket the pond that they now had all to themsleves.

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