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23 de Janeiro de 2014

It canadian goose jacket not that geese are nocturnal

When are geese nocturnal

Most often during migration, but night flying of Canada Geese during winter has been recorded as well (and I suspect if you hearing them at night, they flying and calling to each other, not making noise on the ground). It canadian goose jacket not that geese are nocturnal, since their activity isn being limited to night, but that based on weather patterns or other activity, geese may be more Canada Goose Jackets active at night than they would be otherwise.

For example, Raveling et al. (1972) found that during the winter, Canada buy canada goose jacket cheap Geese were more likely to fly and feed at night when the ground was covered in snow and the canada goose coats on sale moon was full, or nearly full there was plenty of light to see by since the moonlight reflected off the snow, Canada Goose Outlet so the geese stayed awake canada goose coats longer, and flew and foraged more and slept less. Additionally, they found Canada Goose Parka that the geese were more likely to fly at night in areas canada goose uk black friday where they were being hunted.

Based on the above, if you in an area with snow storms, the geese may have cheap canada goose uk relatively limited periods of time cheap Canada Goose in which they can move around and find food, so they take advantage of whatever clear canada goose uk shop weather they can get, Canada Goose online even if canada goose uk outlet it at night instead of day. If buy canada goose jacket there lots of snow, there a good chance they can see Canada Goose sale just fine at night, especially right now as canada goose the moon is nearly full. It might be interesting to keep track of exactly which nights you hear them on and see if it related to the moon phases or not!I wonder how rain as an element creating Canada Goose Online a reflective surface and cloud cover play in geese night flying.

A very good question! I imagine that cloud cover and rainfall both reduce visibility and should make uk canada goose geese less prone to night flying. The paper I cited discusses how morning flight was canada goose clearance delayed on overcast days, canada goose store and return to roost was earlier on overcast days, during the winter clearly, activity of geese is very much dependent on available light. I know geese will fly through all kinds of crazy weather during migration, but that usually because they have a destination to get canada goose black friday sale Canada Goose Outlet to and a specific window of time to do it in. Wintering geese canada goose factory sale may not be as inclined uk canada goose outlet to take those kinds of risks.

Unfortunately, studies of nighttime behavior of wintering geese haven really been done extensively, since it a relatively difficult thing to do. canada goose clearance sale But heck, it another thing you can keep an eye (or really, ear) out for. As long as you don mind too much that they wake you up every now and Canada Goose Coats On Sale then. ;) .

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