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10 de Setembro de 2014

So Obama did what presidents do when faced with unexpected

Democrats overreacting to enhanced interrogation

If you want to know what the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation techniques” felt like, ask our nation’s top Democrats. They have spent recent days waterboarding themselves. First, President Obama released four previously classified memos describing the aforementioned practices, but declared that no one would be prosecuted for them. I thought this was a questionable, but moncler jacket sale measured policy. Maybe the Bush administration went a bit over the line trying to make sure more Americans weren’t blown out of their bloomers, but are we really going to prosecute people for that? The left howled at this miscarriage of justice like it had a caterpillar in its trousers. So Obama did what presidents do when faced with unexpected pressure. He dropped a sensible policy and announced a ridiculous one. We won’t prosecute the secret agents who actually did, maybe, torture some terrorists. Instead we will prosecute the lawyers who advised President Bush that it was legal. Knowing a lawyer or two, I’m all for moncler outlet jackets hauling them away in leg irons, but I’m not sure that this will encourage Obama’s own gaggle of gumshoes to give him honest legal advice. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi got her turn on the board. First, she declared that she didn’t know anything about the questionable CIA practices, which is odd since she was a ranking member on the House moncler jackets outlet Intelligence Committee when the decisions to use them were made. Then, she informed us that she knew about the stuff she didn’t know about, but only before it was done. OK. Did she object? If so, no one seems to know about it. Here’s what we now know. Waterboarding means strapping the guest of honor to a board, putting a cloth over his face, tilting the board back and pouring water on the cloth. It creates the sensation of drowning. But the rules said you could only do it for 40 seconds at a time. Some detainees were shoved up against a wall. But the wall was flexible, and they were fitted with neck collars to prevent injury. It was not painful, but was supposed to create a sense of panic. Abu Zubaydah, one of bin Laden’s henchpersons, cheap moncler outlet was afraid of insects. Our black cheap moncler robbed inquisitors proposed putting him in a cheap moncler jackets confined box and putting a caterpillar on him. We’d tell him it was a scorpion. Are these kinds of things torture? Yes, in the sense that flag football is football. You get some of the Moncler Outlet excitement of the real game, but no chance of anyone actually getting hurt. This is what happens when your very own CIA dearly wants to know what a captured terrorist knows, but moncler outlet has to worry about what the Supreme Court and the New York Times will cheap moncler jackets sale think. Chalk it up as a triumph for liberal institutions. Putting a prisoner in a situation that is so unpleasant that he will spill his guts is torture, even if it’s torture lite. I feel the same way about these things as I do about capital punishment: I am not sure it’s unjust to put a sex murderer to death, but given the legal obstacles I am pretty sure it isn’t worth the trouble. It’s probably best to get rid of capital punishment and to stop trying to find ways to cheap moncler coats humanely torture moncler sale outlet terrorists. But that is because we still feel safe enough to be scrupulous. No one will be prosecuted for the things the moncler outlet store Bush administration did after Sept. 11 because everyone in the loop, moncler factory outlet including Speaker Pelosi, knew about it. Now that these memos are public, every terrorist knows that the worst he has to fear from us is a caterpillar. Kenneth C. Blanchard Jr., is a professor of moncler sale political science at Northern State University.

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