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In 1994 and 1995, Thalbourne and Delin, explored paranormal

The association between paranormal belief and creativity

Studies investigating the association between paranormal belief and creativity One of the first was that carried out by Joesting Canada Goose Coats On Sale and Joesting (1969). This study was examining the correlation between creativity and paranormal belief. The results had showed canada goose uk shop creativity to correlate positively with belief in the existence of extrasensory perception (ESP).

Davis et al., (1974) also found belief in ESP to be positively correlated with creativity and sensation seeking. Another study carried out uk canada goose outlet in canada goose uk outlet 1975 Canada Goose Online investigated belief in extra sensory perception buy canada goose jacket cheap among art uk canada goose students (Moon, 1975). The analysis indicated a significant correlation between art students and belief in extra sensory perception.

After this research study, no other similar study was carried out, until of course the 1990s when canada goose store research in this area had began again.

In 1994, Thalbourne and Delin carried out a research study and found that creative personality is indeed associated with paranormal believers. There have been suggestions made concerning creativity’s correlation canada goose coats with psi belief (Murphy, 1963) and there is also experimental evidence that supports artistic creativity in psi believers (Schlitz and Honorton, 1992). Moreover, sensation seeking, which is a close correlate of creativity, has also been found to positively canada goose uk black friday correlate with Psi belief and spiritualism (Tobacyk and Milford, 1983). Brown et al. (1974) on the other hand found an buy canada goose jacket association between creativity and belief Canada Goose Outlet in astrology.

In 2005, Thalbourne traced 8 studies Canada Goose Jackets which had found correlations between creative canada goose black friday sale personality and paranormal belief. The studies identified, canada goose coats on sale were Joesting and Joesting (1969), Davis, Peterson and Farley Canada Goose Parka (1974), Moon (1975), Thalbourne and Delin (1994), Thalbourne and Delin (1995), Thalbourne, Bartemucci, Delin, Fox and Nofi (1997), Thalbourne (1998 and 2000), Thalbourne, Keogh and Crawley (1999). Four of these studies have already been mentioned above (Joesting and Joesting, 1969; Davis et al., 1974; Moon, 1975; Thalbourne and Delin, 1994). Therefore, studies carried out by Thalbourne (1998; 2000) and Thalbourne et al., (1997) investigated transiminality correlates, finding correlations with creativity, paranormal belief as well as mystical experiences. In 1994 and 1995, Thalbourne and Delin, explored paranormal believers’ clinical status as well as personality. In both studies correlations were identified between paranormal belief and creative personality. Thalbourne et al. (1999) carrying out a similar study also found a relationship between belief and creativity. From the meta analysis cheap canada goose uk of these studies, Thalbourne consequently indicated that there canada goose is strong evidence supporting that belief in the paranormal is correlated with creative personality.

Achilleos 4 years ago

Hi Anna,

Well half of the research on this subject supports that individuals with higher levels of imagination are more likely to accept that paranormal canada goose clearance sale events exist. However there is the opposing side which supports that such events are false because they are simply created from people’s imagination.

Thanks for reading Anna, your comments are truly appreciated! I hope you find my other hubs on this subject Canada Goose sale as interesting.

Have a nice day,Anna Haven 4 years ago from Scotland

Interesting hub, well written canada goose factory sale and researched.

Is it the case that those with vivid imaginations are just more Canada Goose online open to accepting the existence of the paranormal, rather than their minds manifesting falsely its existence purely from their imaginations.

I think so, very canada goose clearance thought provoking and interesting :) cheap Canada Goose Achilleos 5 years ago

Thank you for your comments canadian goose jacket and for stopping by CrisSp! I am glad you have found this hub interesting.