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9 de Agosto de 2014

Well, it sure looks like RNC Chairman Michael Steele is

O’Reilly and Carpenter Jeer and Smear Latino Advocacy Group

cheap nikes and jordans Bill O’Reilly thinks Hispanics talk funny. Giggling conservative columnist Amanda Carpenter of the Moonie cheap jordans on sale owned GOP mouthpiece The cheap jordans sale Washington Times was on hand to join in the “hilarity” and help Cheap jordans spread the smears a little thicker. With video. cheap nikes and jordans

get jordans online cheap The words “Presente Action” evoked a cheap jordans online mocking headshake and a barely concealed smirk from Bildo as he cheap jordans shoes introduced the segment. “No no no”, objects Bildo, cheap Air max shoes “they’re trying to tie in [Republican congressman John] Mica with Limbaugh’s racist comment.” He then scoffs that if Presente had phoned himand asked him to condemn Limbaugh’s remarks, “I’m not gonna say anything to these people! Why would I bother saying anything to about Pr r r cheap air force r r r r resente Action!?” get jordans online cheap

cheap jordans from china Well, I think most of us can figure out the answer to that one, Bildo. We didn’t hear you condemning Limbaugh’s smears against Sonia Sotomayor in this segment, when cheap jordans from china you had the perfect opportunity to do so. cheap jordans from china

best place to buy jordans cheap Bildo goes on to complain that the group’s ad refers cheap jordans for sale to cheap jordans china Limbaugh as a “Republican leader”. Gee. Let’s see: Limbaugh gave the keynote speech at the CPAC this year, bragging about how he was “addressing the nation” because it was being televised by Fox (among others). He cheap air jordan was made an honorary member of the Republican Caucus in 1994; and he’s claimed that President Obama is more “afraid” of Limbaugh than he is of John Boehner or Mitch McConnell. Well, it sure looks like RNC Chairman Michael Steele is afraid, because he actually apologized to Limbaugh for calling his show what it is: “ugly”and “incendiary”. Now, there’s cojones for ya. And guess what? In the cheap yeezys course of said apology, Steel called Limbaugh “a national Conservative leader”. best place to buy jordans cheap

cheap jordans retro 5 So, here’s what we have: Republicans consider themselves the party of true conservatives. Limbaugh, angry with Steele’s remarks about his show declares that although cheap jordans in china Steele is the head of the RNC he is not head of the Republican Cheap jordans party. Republican Chair Steele, in cheap nike shoes his grovelling apology, calls Limpballs “a national Conservative leader”. cheap jordans retro 5

cheap jordans 5 You draw your own conclusions. No, the big picture, according cheap jordans free shipping to Bildo, is that MoveOn cheap jordan sneakers is using Presente to advance their “far left agenda” and that he, and no one else, has exposed this sinister connection to the vast left wing conspiracy. Quick, someone get the flow chart cheap jordans 5.

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